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Thinking of working for yourself ?

21st October 2010

Setting up in business can seem quite a daunting prospect.  People are often put of by the prospect of having to fulfill all the financial obligations which come with self employment.  Their concerns often include, knowing who to inform, how and when to pay tax, making sure the correct tax is paid, whether or not they should be forming a limited company etc.  There are several internet sites which offer advice.  HMRC have an information leaflet which can be accessed at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/leaflets/se1.pdf.  Other sites worth looking at are Business Link and the FSB.

Of course every individual’s situation is different and although the various guides are useful to give an overall view of what’s involved in setting up in business there is no substitute for professional advice for your specific circumstances.  If you are considering setting up in business M P Accountants Northamptonshire offer a free no obligation meeting in which you can discuss your ideas further and hopefully leave with a clearer idea of whether you business venture is viable and how to go about putting the wheels in motion.

Please contact Paul or Mike if you wish to book a meeting.

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