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VAT Returns

If you are a VAT registered business then you will be required to complete a VAT return, normally every quarter.

To avoid potential penalties and surcharges it is important to ensure all VAT returns are accurate, submitted online within the deadline and any VAT due is paid on time.

We can prepare your VAT return each quarter from scratch using our in house software. We can also add you to our HMRC client portal and submit the return online on your behalf.   If you have a direct debit for HMRC to automatically take the VAT due from your bank account then there is actually very little you need to do other than provide us with the necessary records and once we have completed the return confirm you are happy for us to submit it.

Alternatively if you are prepare your VAT returns yourself but just want someone to check it over before you submit it then we can also help with this.

There are various different VAT schemes available which can often be beneficial to businesses either by reducing the amount of VAT due, easing cash flow issues or just simplifying the process of preparing the return.  Whilst preparing your VAT returns we will regularly review whether it would be beneficial for you to be on one of these schemes.

“massive support”

Michael Paul have been our accountants since 2012 and have been a massive support to us.  We have complete confidence in them, which is very important when dealing with issues which can sometimes be complex to understand.  I know they always have our best interests at heart, and nothing seems too much trouble for them.

Amanda Palfrey
SP Welding & Fabrication Ltd

“In good hands”

The advice given to me by Mike and Paul when starting my business was invaluable.  It’s a great comfort to know that I can contact them at any time, with any questions, and they will respond promptly and explain things in a way I can understand.  This enables me to focus on the day to day running of my business knowing that the accounting side of things is in good hands

Thomas Murphy
Chester Thomas Developments Limited

“A pivitol cog in our wheel”

It’s vitally important as a company director and sole employee (in my case) of your new or established company that you are in full control of all the components of your business. Competition in any market you work in is fierce that’s why your business needs to be as nimble as possible and be able to affect and react to situations in an instant. From personal experience I found that having to work on my own tax issues and using poor accountants before is a serious lag on my business and ability to control the large and macro picture. This causes great stress and unnecessary worry.

I am very pleased to this end that I was recommended to Michael Paul Accountants. My business is recruitment and with different invoices for contract, temp and perm workers and complex tax issues surrounding each category coupled with the nature of the delayed payments involved it is vital that the company is on top of these issues. Michael Paul Accountants are an extension of my business here. They don’t just execute the complex issues surrounding the Tax & VAT of the company but put forward suggestions and think three dimensionally for me. This is why its not just a 2 dimensional service like other accountants with big brands I have used before, but an extension of the business I run and thus a pivotal cog in our wheel.

I can’t recommend Michael Paul Accountants enough.

Christian Cork
Chrispin Hunter Limited, London

“Nothing is too much trouble”

Nothing is too much trouble for Paul. He is incredibly patient and answers even the most simple of questions in a way I completely understand. He had helped me more than I can possibly say, and is someone I trust implicitly. Being the owner of a small business means you need to wear lots of hats, but Paul is always there to support me through any potential financial quagmires. I would recommend him to anyone. He’s fab.

Libby Langley
Libby Langley