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Michael Paul Accountants

Tax Planning

According to the popular saying there are two certainties in life – death and taxes.  Unfortunately we can’t help you with the first but we certainly can with the second.

Tax legislation is constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex. We can help to minimise your tax bill whilst ensuring you are complying with all the legislation.

It is important to consider tax planning options sooner rather than later as how you structure your personal and business tax affairs can have a large impact on the amount of tax you pay. We can advise you on this to ensure you our maximising all the tax allowances and reliefs available including ensuring you remunerate yourself in the most tax efficient method possible.

We should also add that our emphasis is on the safe and well trusted methods for saving tax.  If you want someone to sell you a scheme that sounds too good to be true and will cut your tax bill in half then don’t call us.   We have never been advocates of these schemes which, if challenged by HMRC, often fall apart leaving the tax payer with a hefty bill of underpaid tax, interest, penalties and even court costs.  There are many companies offering these schemes and often somewhere in the small print there will be a disclaimer with words to the effect that they cannot guarantee the scheme will stand up in the event of a challenge by HMRC.

Tax Returns

It is important to make sure your tax return is correct as getting it wrong can lead to you being faced with a bill for underpaid tax, interest and penalties which, if you have been getting it wrong for several years can really start to add up.  We would therefore always recommend having your tax return completed by professionals (hopefully us!) who have the training, knowledge and expertise to get it done right.  It’s worth it for the peace of mind alone and it might not be as expensive as you think.

“A pivitol cog in our wheel”

It’s vitally important as a company director and sole employee (in my case) of your new or established company that you are in full control of all the components of your business. Competition in any market you work in is fierce that’s why your business needs to be as nimble as possible and be able to affect and react to situations in an instant. From personal experience I found that having to work on my own tax issues and using poor accountants before is a serious lag on my business and ability to control the large and macro picture. This causes great stress and unnecessary worry.

I am very pleased to this end that I was recommended to Michael Paul Accountants. My business is recruitment and with different invoices for contract, temp and perm workers and complex tax issues surrounding each category coupled with the nature of the delayed payments involved it is vital that the company is on top of these issues. Michael Paul Accountants are an extension of my business here. They don’t just execute the complex issues surrounding the Tax & VAT of the company but put forward suggestions and think three dimensionally for me. This is why its not just a 2 dimensional service like other accountants with big brands I have used before, but an extension of the business I run and thus a pivotal cog in our wheel.

I can’t recommend Michael Paul Accountants enough.

Christian Cork
Chrispin Hunter Limited, London

“Painless Process”

Just a quick note to thank you for the support and advice you have given me during the first few months of setting up my new business. You have made the process painless which has given me the confidence to concentrate on the business without any statutory, tax or finance worries. I could not have asked for better service and I am delighted to have Michael Paul Accountants as my business partner.

Hugh Milligan

“relaxed and friendly”

Mike and his business partner Paul have given, and are continuing, to give, excellent service to me. They are very professional in their approach, and relay information in a relaxed and friendly manner. I am a financial adviser, and access to professional tax experts who are very switched on, is invaluable to me.”

Michael Jones
Michael Jones Independent Financial Services Ltd

“Friendly & Professional”

Michael Paul Accountants have helped us over the past 4 years and long may that continue. They provide a friendly and professional service that we would have no trouble in recommending to others. Ruth and I are always greeted with a smile and a sincere outlook. Their service makes working through the minefield of Tax and company finances a lot easier to navigate. And as ‘Common Sense Counselling’ continues to grow and expand, we are sure that we will be seeking, and using, their advise and guidance even more. It is indeed a pleasure to count Paul and Michael as our accountants (no pun intended).

Simon Commons
Common Sense Counselling

“That’s not always something you can expect from an accountant”

It’s an absolute pleasure to have Paul as my accountant.  Paul deals with my tax and financial affairs professionally, but delivers a personal, supportive and highly valued service.  I know I can trust him and it’s great to be able to speak to Paul frankly and often informally about financial issues.  That’s not always something you can expect from an accountant, but you can with Paul and he’s become a valued friend as well as a professional colleague.  I’ve recommended Michael Paul Accountants to colleagues, friends and family and will continue to do so. I also know that close family members put their trust in Michael Paul Accountants to handle their financial affairs too.

Becca Robertson
Marketing Bug