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Salary Sacrifice

4th April 2011

Paul from M P Accountants Northamptonshire discusses the conditions which must be in place for salary sacrifice to be effective  for tax purposes.

Increases in NIC have focused attention on ways to save or avoid NIC.  One of these methods is salary sacrifice which occurs where salary is sacrificed in return for a non cash benefit.

HMRC have published guidance notes which set out when a sacrifice will be effective for tax purposes and when it will not.

The conditions which must be in place for a salary sacrifice to be effective for tax purposes are conditions which would indicate that the contractual right to cash pay has been reduced.  The two conditions which must be met are;

  • The potential future remuneration must be given up before it is treated as received for tax and NIC purposes


  • The true construction of the revised contractual arrangement between employer and employee must be that the employee is entitled to lower cash remuneration and a benefit in kind.

Arrangements will not be effective if they amount to the employee asking the employer to apply part of his cash remuneration to the payment for a benefit on the employees behalf.

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