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Sage Invoicing

20th October 2010

Paul from M P Accountants Northamptonshire gives his latest tip for users of Sage software.

All but the very earliest versions of Sage give users the option to create their sales invoices on the system.  However many users still don’t take advantage of this and use other methods such as Word with which to produce their invoices.  For many this is due to the reluctance to spend the time learning how the Sage invoicing module works.  However it is a relatively straightforward process and once in place can save a considerable amount of time and reduce the likelihood of errors.

One of the main time saving benefits from using Sage to produce invoices is that once the invoice has been created it can be posted in the ledgers at the click of a button.  If invoices are produced on a different system then the details of these all need entering again as they are posted individually on Sage (unless you are very clever and have managed to get your invoice program to download the invoices directly onto Sage).

Once an invoice has been created it can be posted to the ledgers straight away or saved until it has been checked and authorised before being posted.  Any invoices can be reprinted quickly and easily and using the invoicing function also make it easy to produce statements for customers.

If you need any assistance with Sage or any other accounting matters please feel free to contact us at M P Accountants Northamptonshire.

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