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Sage 50 new features

29th April 2016

It’s been a while since we have done any posts regarding Sage so just a quick update on a relatively new feature which although very simple is a great idea and relates to inactive customer / supplier records.

Once a customer / supplier record has a transaction associated to it it cannot be deleted (even if the transaction itself is deleted).  Therefore the only way to get rid of redundant customer / supplier records used to be to clear the audit trail.  Basically when you clear the audit trail the system gets rid of any transactions up to a specific date (specified by the user) subject to certain conditions. For example it won’t clear an invoice which is still outstanding for payment or a bank transaction which hasn’t been bank reconciled.  Once the audit trail is cleared customer / suppler records which no longer have transactions attributed to them (because the clear audit trail process got rid of them) can be deleted.

Personally I am not a great fan of clearing the audit trail unless absolutely necessary.  As an accountant I want to be able to look back at the transaction history to see what has gone on in the past and when an audit trail has been cleared this can limit my ability to do this, especially if a client has selected the date at which the audit trail should be cleared as too recently.

However Sage now has the option to select a customer or supplier account as inactive and then in the customer list / supplier list view there is a tick box giving the option to include inactive.  If this option isn’t ticked then all the customer / supplier records selected as inactive will be hidden.  Although this doesn’t physically delete the record it does remove them from the customer / supplier screen (using the list view) so the user is not faced with masses of redundant customer / supplier accounts which are never likely to be used again, cluttering up the list.

To flag a record as inactive simply go into the record (double click on it from the customers / suppliers window) and from the details section select the inactive tick box.  If at a later date the record becomes active again then it can simply be unticked.

If you need any help with any matters regarding Sage or any other accounting and taxation issues then please don’t hesitate to contac us.

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