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27th October 2010

M P Accountants Northamptonshire are a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants.  At M P Accountants Kettering, Corby, Northampton and Market Harborough are conveniently located near to our premises in Lamport.

Although M P Accountants offer a variety of services some of our clients only require us for year end accounts and tax return preparation and don’t need our other services.  However a situation recently occurred proving just how valuable it can be to have a hands on accountant  prepared to fulfil various roles other than just those of the traditional accountant.

One of our limited company  clients used us solely for the preparation of their year end accounts and corporation tax computation.  They employed an experienced bookkeeper who took care of the payroll and day to day accounting requirements.  Late one afternoon Mike received a call from the director asking if he could come and see us urgently. Within half an hour he was sitting in our office explaining that following a disagreement their bookkeeper  had suddenly left.  Wages were due shortly as was the VAT return and monthly management report for a factoring company.  A relative of the director had some bookkeeping experience and was interested in taking over the role but nobody knew how to operate the accounts system.   The director informed us that the accounts function had ground to a complete halt and he needed help urgently. He asked if we could be of assistance which because of our variety of accounts experience we could.

The first course of action we suggested was that we take over the responsibility for the payroll.  This would take pressure off the new bookkeeper who could  focus on the other deadlines to be met.  It would also ensure all staff were paid correctly and on time.  If required at a later date we could provide payroll training and the payroll function could be moved back in-house.

Next we spent time at the client’s premises with the new bookkeeper reviewing the accounts system and how it had been operated.  This included all the finance functions from extracting management reports to more basic tasks such as how and where invoices were filed.

Once we had established how the system was operated we brought the accounts software up to date,  completed the VAT return and all the necessary management reports which were submitted on time.  With the immediate and urgent issues dealt with we then started the process of training the bookkeeper to use the system.  We also introduced changes to previous methods making the system more efficient to use considerably reducing the amount of work involved. We are now gradually reducing our involvement thereby reducing the cost to the client.

For a list of the service we offer (although these are not necessarily exhaustive) please see our aptly titled Services we offer page.

Please feel free to contact either Paul or Mike if you would like to know more about M P Accountants Northamptonshire and how we can help your business.  We offer a free no obligation meeting to all potential new customers.

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