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Market Harborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce

26th October 2015

I (Paul) have recently been appointed as the treasurer for the Market Harborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce and it’s a role I am really getting my teeth into.

The current system n place to deal with the day to day bookkeeping of the chamber is very much manual based making it time consuming and quite error prone.  My first task when I took on the role was therefore to introduce some accounting software to make the whole process more efficient.  I chose FreeAgent which is a cloud based system.  Two of the big advantages about a cloud based system is that I can easily log in to the software from anywhere so long as I have an internet connection and also if any of the other committee members wish to view the system then they can be given log ins (if necessary with restricted access so they can’t mess anything up!)

All details of members were entered onto FreeAgent which was a really simple process as I just downloaded the data onto a csv file and imported it directly into the system.  All memberships run for the same period so I was then able to create one template invoice for the annual membership renewal and email invoices to all the members in a very short period of time.

We currently don’t have internet banking for the chamber (like I said the previous system is very manual!) but once I have this in place then I will be able to automatically download all the bank transactions directly to FreeAgent without having to enter every payment or receipt individually.



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