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Do you need an accountant?

24th June 2012

Do you need an accountant?

This is a question many people in business ask themselves and indeed not all businesses do have an accountant.  If operating as a sole trader or a partnership many self employed individuals prepare their own accounts and complete their self assessment tax returns themselves each year.

This is all very well and good and will save money in accountancy fees.  However the question to consider is that you may be saving in accountancy fees but are you missing potential tax savings which could potentially more than outweighing the cost.  Perhaps even more importantly are you completing you tax return correctly. Completing a tax return can be a complicated business and mistakes can unintentionally be made.  If these mistakes are made year on year the situation compounds itself and suddenly following a HMRC investigation you could be landed with a significant bill for underpaid tax even though you thought you were doing everything correctly.

At Michael Paul Accountants Northamptonshire you may find it is not as costly as you think to have your accounts and tax returns prepared by professional qualified and experienced accountants. When preparing accounts or tax returns for our clients we don’t just put the figures in with the attitude ‘job done – next!’  We take the time to review whether there are any potential tax savings which could be made.  This includes whether all possible expenses have been claimed or whether the business could be structured more efficiently. Also you have the piece of mind that your tax affairs have been dealt with professionally which I think alone is well worth the cost.

If you need advice on any accounting or taxation issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are located in the Northamptonshire village of Lamport meaning that from Michael Paul Accountants Kettering, Northampton and Market Harborough are all within easy reach.

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