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17th March 2013

There are various accounting software packages available on the market for small companies.  The most common and the one most preferred by accountants (including us) is probably Sage.

Many of our existing clients use Sage to deal with their day to day bookkeeping, calculate VAT returns and help keep track of outstanding customer and supplier invoices along with a range of other tasks made a lot simpler and more accurate by the use of well designed accounting software.

There are however many businesses still using a manual system.  This may involve using spreadsheets or simply be a case of pen and paper.  The move from a manual system to a computerised one can seem a little daunting and it is not something I would recommend without the proper guidance.  When used properly software can save a lot of time and provide far more accurate results.  However used improperly it can leave a trail of destruction in it’s wake followed by a large bill from your accountant as they try to sort it all out at the year end.

But don’t let that put you off.  With a bit of tuition and some pointers in the right direction accounting software can be used by anybody.  The majority of the tasks can be learned parrot fashion and as long as you have somewhere to turn when faced with an unusual transaction to enter or something you haven’t come across before than all should be well.

At Michael Paul Accountants we are vastly experienced in Sage and can provide all the necessary training and support needed for anyone considering a move to Sage software.  Unlike a training course held over a period of a day or two in a classroom bombarding you with information (half of which is probably not relevant to you)  which you desperately try to remember, our training is very different.  We will come and visit you and train you on your own live system.  This means we can focus on exactly what you need to know and leave out any areas irrelevant to you.  For example if your company makes CIS deductions when you pay contractors then you need to know how to deal with this.  If not then we can ignore this and focus on the other things you do need to know. Of course if at a later date the company become involved with CIS deductions then we can teach you how to start dealing with these.

Also we will teach you in small blocks.  So for example we may spend a few hours looking at customer invoices, how they are entered and setting up the necessary individual customer accounts.  Once you are comfortable with how this is done we can then leave you to get on with entering any remaining customer information and come back say the following week to see how you have got on and if you are ready to move on we can teach you about entering supplier invoices and records or bank transactions.  Everybody learns at a different pace so we can work at a rate suitable for you.  And of course once you are up and running we are always there for any ongoing support or any further training you may need.

If  you would like to discuss the option of moving to Sage software or if you already use Sage and want to make sure you are getting the most out of it then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  We are  an ACCA registered accountancy practice located in the Northamptonshire village of Lamport.  From Michael Paul Accountants  Northampton, Kettering, Market Harborough and Corby are all within easy reach.

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