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Cloud Accounting

There is currently a bit of a revolution taking place in accounting software and its called cloud accounting. So what it is it and why are so many businesses turning to it?

Unlike traditional accounting software which is installed on a computer or internal network, cloud accounting systems are stored on secure remote servers and accessed over the internet via a web browser. This means users can access the program anytime, anywhere and on a range of devices so long as there is an internet connection.

Not only is this flexibility great for users but for us as accountants we can now access clients live data instantly without even leaving the office. If a client contacts us with a question (normally “I’ve entered something but I’m not sure if I have done it right!”) then we can access their system to see exactly what they have done and if necessary correct it.

Also when we are preparing year end accounts for a client any amendments we make to the figures are automatically recognised on their system, something which doesn’t happen with the traditional desktop systems.

Another great advantage of cloud based systems is that because they are completely web based there is nothing to download, install or update and the data is always safely backed up.

Cloud accounting systems are also very easy to use so with us at your side even a total novice can soon feel like an expert.

Having reviewed all the common cloud based systems we are accredited partners of the two we consider to be the best, FreeAgent and Xero.

If you would like a demonstration of how cloud based accounting software could benefit your business or if you have any questions then please contact Paul.

If you do prefer the more traditional accounts software, and despite their advantages cloud based systems are not necessarily for everyone, particularly larger companies, then we also have a vast amount of experience with desktop programs having implemented and maintained Sage systems for many of our clients.