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Accounts Software

One of our clients runs an online retail company and all the bookkeeping and accounts operations were being performed using spreadsheets.  As the company grew and the number of financial transactions increased this became a progressively more time consuming method which was very prone to errors.

The client had never used accounts software before and was nervous of introducing an accounts package but knew this was a route they had to follow.  We discussed with the client their concerns about implementing accounts software and suggested ways in which these concerns could be resolved.  We then discussed the company’s accounting and reporting requirements before suggesting a suitable accounts package.

After implementing the software we carried out onsite training to teach the client how to use the system.  Even the most basic accounts software packages now have a multitude of functions.  The client found the training much quicker and the program much easier to use than they expected as with most clients the actual proportion of the functions of the program they need to understand is very small.

We now visit the client on a regular basis to review the accounts system answer any queries which have arisen, print various performance reports and discuss the progress of their business.  This helps us to understand the company in more detail and the client has a much clearer view of how their company is performing.