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Switching Accountants

Potential clients often say to us that despite being with their current accountant for years they still feel somewhat disillusioned with them.  The most common reasons for this are unanswered emails, calls not returned and the feeling that they are really not that important.

Despite this many people can be reluctant to look for a new accountant; after all it must be a hassle changing your accountant and what if the new one is even worse?  You put a lot of trust in your accountant making the decision to change all the more daunting.

Don’t let these fears hold you back, many of those who do make the change to us say that they wish they had done it a lot sooner.  See our testimonial page – we have a lot of happy clients.

As for the hassle of changing your accountant actually it’s really easy.  We write to your existing accountant, get a couple of signatures from you and that’s about it.  We also request authorisation to access your HMRC account giving details of your tax affairs for the last few years.

We have a wide variety of clients from small sole traders operating on a part time basis up to much larger limited companies turning over several million a year.  So whether you are small, large or somewhere in between, if you feel you are not quite getting the service you want from your accountant then why not get in touch and come for a chat.  It’s free so what have you got to lose?