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Michael Paul Accountants

First Accountant?

If you have never had to deal with an accountant before this can be a daunting prospect with fears such as:

  • I don’t understand accounts and tax, will I look stupid?
  • Will I be bombarded with language I don’t understand?
  • If I go for a initial meeting will I be given the hard sell?

These are all valid fears so lets take them one at a time

  • Many people don’t understand tax and accounts which is really good because if they did, we would be out of a job.  We won’t think you are stupid so ask us anything you like. As far as accounting goes there are no stupid questions (well okay there may be a few but we will let you off the odd one or two).
  • Accounting and tax can sometimes be complex but we will do our best to explain things in a way that enables you to get as good an understanding as possible.
  • We certainly don’t give you the hard sell.  We don’t want you to become a client unless you want to and you feel happy and comfortable.  We never expect potential clients to make a decision without thinking it over in their own time first.

So if you a think that you would like to contact us you now have nothing to stop you. We honestly don’t bite and like to think we are very easy to talk to so why not get in touch and make an appointment to come and see us for a chat.